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I have selected some of my very best images for sale.
All images are in very high resolution!

Enjoy the beauty of the universum by the best possible way, a real photographic print.

Images are in two palettes. The yellow/Blue images are in HST-palette (colors are organized by order of the elements.) More or less Red images are in "natural colors" (colors are organized by a visual spectrum)
A small study about the colors used in my images can be found here:

Please, use a full screen and click the image, to see them as large as possible! Slide show button at upper Right corner.

3 day old Moon

Half a Moon with Earth shine

Full Moon

Half a Moon, with a 3D-twist

Half a Moon, with a 3D-twist

Half a Moon, with a 3D-twist

Veil Nebula SNR in HST palette

Veil Nebula SNR in visual colors

Sh2-221 and Sh2-216

A two panel mosaic image of Sh-221 and Sh2-216

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Awesome work. Thank you for the inspiration.
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