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I'm a Finnish astrophotographer and I enjoy to be able to reveal some of the hidden beauty of our Universe.

Publications for my images, NASA, National Geographic, LPOD, Sky & Telescope, Universe Today, Daily Mail, Discover Magazine, Wired Magazine and many Others.

My observatory is located in the very center of the city Oulu in Finland. Due to massive Light Pollution I mainly do Narrowband imaging of Emission Nebulae.
To see my latest work, please, visit my Blog: http://astroanarchy.blogspot.com
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If you like to have a photo from my collection, you can use the online shop here, or leave me an e-mail to the address above.
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All of my color photos and print orders

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All of my color photos and print orders

Some of my best shots

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Some of my best shots

Black & White images for photographic prints.

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Black & White images for photographic prints.

Narrowband Nebulae, HST-palette

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Narrowband Nebulae, HST-palette

Narrowband Nebulae, Natural Colors

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Narrowband Nebulae, Natural Colors

Solar System Images

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Solar System Images

Broadband RGB-images

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Broadband RGB-images

Volumetric 3D images

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Volumetric 3D images

Panoramic images

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Panoramic images


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Artworks based on my astronomical images

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Created 17-Jun-15
Modified 17-Jun-15
Artworks based on my astronomical images


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H-alpha B&W images

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H-alpha B&W images


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337 photos

Guestbook for J-P Metsavainio
77.Ulf Jonsson(non-registered)
Great images. They give me lots of inspiration. I use only DSLR for my photography (so far).
68.Shane Ares-V.(non-registered)
Your animations are incredible and mind altering!!! Congratzi on your creativity and intelligence!!
67.Lauri Nieminen(non-registered)
Terveisiä Kajaanista. Jaan mielipiteesi tähtitaivaan kuvaamisesta näillä leveysasteilla. Kiitos aivan uskomattomista kuvista. Sanattomaksi vie.
Tosi upeita kuvia! Aivan uskomattomia.
Wow! Sanattomaksi menee kun kattoo noita kuvia. Hatun nosto sinulle J-P. Maailma on ihmeellinen ja kaunis.
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