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Created 29-Nov-09
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Stereo images works very well as a Printed copys!
You can buy Photographic prints from Images in any 3D-gallery.
Smaller sizes are suitable for the Parallel and Cross vision images, due the viewing method used.

In my Blog, I have animated 3D-images, if you'll have troubles to see any other 3D-format, please, have a look here:

Stereo Pairs, Parallel Vision

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Created 17-Feb-15
Modified 17-Feb-15
Stereo Pairs, Parallel Vision

Stereo Pairs, Cross Vision

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Created 17-Feb-15
Modified 17-Feb-15
Stereo Pairs, Cross Vision

Anaglyph Stereo, Red/Cyan Glasses

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Created 17-Feb-15
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Anaglyph Stereo, Red/Cyan Glasses

Anaglyph 3D-videos

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Created 31-Oct-11
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Stereo Cards

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Created 29-Sep-10
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Stereo Cards

3D-movies, (none stereograph)

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Created 23-Feb-13
Modified 23-Feb-13

Guestbook for Volumetric 3D images
One 'absorbs' more than 'sees' the images. # 11 - The Hummingbird. amaste
4.J-P Metsavainio
Thanks Pete!

You really should buy yourself a pair of Red/Cyan anaglyph 3D eyeglasses!
No more headache. Just google them down, they cost next to nothing ~1$ or so.
Great work! (even though I now have a headache from crossing my eyes so much:) ) Thanks for sharing.
2.James Woollatt(non-registered)
Great work!
I do not have enough words to express my admiration!
The guestbook is empty.