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Just few of my favorite images. Please, use a full screen and click the image, to see them as large as possible!

3 day old Moon

Half a Moon with Earth shine

Half a Moon, with a 3D-twist

Half a Moon, with a 3D-twist

The Great Galaxy of Andromeda, Messier 31

Pickering's Triangle

Pickering's Triangle in light of an ionized oxygen only.

IC 4603

NGC 2244, the Rosette nebula

IC 405, the Flaming Star Nebula (Sh2-229)

IC 1805

Melotte 15

IC 1795

IC 410

Sharpless 115

Sharpless 132

Pelican Nebula

NGC 281

Tulip Nebula, Sharpless 101

The Cirrus of Cygnus as a very large print

The Cirrus of Cygnus as a very large print

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These are THE most strikingly beautiful images that I have ever seen. An artist for sure.
These are really amazing!
Thanks for this. Keeping your site open and having a look from time to time to enjoy the beauty and majesty. It is addictive
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