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I'm a Finnish astrophotographer and I enjoy to be able to reveal some of the hidden beauty of our Universe.

Publications for my images, NASA, National Geographic, LPOD, Sky & Telescope, Universe Today, Daily Mail, Discover Magazine, Wired Magazine and many Others.

My observatory is located in the very center of the city Oulu in Finland. Due to massive Light Pollution I mainly do Narrowband imaging of Emission Nebulae.
To see my latest work, please, visit my Blog: http://astroanarchy.blogspot.com
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If you like to have a photo from my collection, you can leave me an e-mail to the address above.
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All of my color photos BUY PRINTS

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Guestbook for J-P Metsavainio
Blackali Astrophotography(non-registered)
Lucky to be alive in era of J-P Metsavainio, the way you have inspired my astro imaging is beyond description. Tremendous work of J-P over decades is a genius, Great Imager of all time.
Jaco Potgieter(non-registered)
These images are really stunning and makes us reflect on how small we are as human-beings.
I appreciate your dedication over the years.
Carlo Talamona
Un lavoro di incredibile professionalità !!! Congratulazioni vivissime e buon lavoro.
Ellie Glaeser(non-registered)
I've witnessed many amazing feats in a life of 75 years, but have never been more amazed and thankful for the product of many years' work that are displayed here. Thank you, many times over, for your diligence in order to bring these amazing mosaics to the world!
Willam (Buddy) Karvois(non-registered)
Simply beautiful !! ...
Thank you for your work.
You’ve brightened my world ...
The guestbook is empty.